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With Sustainability as one of the world's core values - and this I am sure was a major topic at your market recent annual retreat.(That's right- I'm not just another vendor looking for an order).Sustainability has been on my radar for years now, and I may be able to help you in further eradicating virgin plastics, and cleaning up your supply chain as it relates to labels, packaging and so much more.Cool Chain is a leading sustainable trims & packaging manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.Especially in Sustainable Trims & Packaging field, we are pioneers in this industry by providing frontline sustainable BIODEGRADABLE materials for Paper packaging products / Plastic packaging / textile labeling / Sustainable leather etc., ( woven labeling, embroidery, silicon patch, leather patch, paper box, bags, poly bags, sewing bags etc.,)Not only from material but also including GREEN manufacturing techniques.


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