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Zhejiang Lebang Printing Co., Ltd.

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  • Address:No 10, Qianku Road, Qianku Town, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Cangnan Lebang Printing Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, nearby Ningbo Port. It is very convenient for us to export printing products from here to foreign countries and regions.Our product types cover paper boxes, paper bag, PVC boxes, paper & PVC tags, posters, self-adhesive stickers, packing boxes, color corrugated boxes, catalogue & brochures. We provide eco-friendly and refined packaging printing services to customers from various industries, including food and cosmetic beverage, daily chemicals, electronics, apparel, electric appliance etc. We have been improving technology services and production facilities. We have world-class advanced equipment, such as Roland 700, Germany Heidelberg XL75 Germany Heidelberg MS52,, Germany Heidelberg CD102 four-color offset presses.Our Mission: Providing fast, accurate and reliable services with high quality results by using the latest technology in order to meet our customers' requirements based on our ideas.Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise, Lebang is able to offer quality printing services - total printing solutions, to cope with the different needs of our customers.Welcome to visit our company!


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1 Reviews
April Black 2017-09-11Australia
Packing box with both sides printing and matt lamination.\nIncluding shipping cost.
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